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Twin Bed Sleeper Cabin

This 22ft x 9ft mobile modular sleeping accommodation cabin has two separate bedrooms and a central living area comprising kitchenette and toilet /shower. It is designed to provide comfortable sleeping quarters when and where you need it. The rooms can accommodate two people in single beds (one in each room) or 4 people if bunk beds are specified. The food prep area includes worktop, microwave, hob, extractor, kettle, storage and sink. The units can be stacked two high, if site space is limited. The sleeper unit is fitted with energy saving equipment including Ecosmart load sensing technology to manage power demands, and LED lights to reduce power consumption. Utility connections include a standard 110mm waste outlet, mains water inlet via a 15mm pipe and 32 amp electrical connection.


This twin bed sleeper cabin is available for sale and delivery throughout Australia.