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Site Towable Water Bowser

Site Towable Water Bowser


Product Details


• Standard Size 250gal (110gal & 440gal also available) • Site Towable (road towable versions also available)
• Steel Framework & Running Gear • Poly Water Tank (non drinkable)
• 250gal Available for Hire • All other sizes & types available for Sale
• Diesel Bowsers also now available

Optional Extras

• Please call for other sizes and types

A site towable water bowser is a portable tank used for transporting and storing water on construction sites, agricultural fields, events, or any other location where a temporary water supply is needed. The water bowser is designed to be towed by a vehicle, such as a truck or tractor, for easy transportation and mobility.These water bowsers typically feature a robust construction with a durable tank made of materials like polyethylene or steel to ensure longevity and resistance to corrosion. They come in various sizes, ranging from smaller capacities of a few hundred liters to larger capacities of several thousand liters.

The specific features of a site towable water bowser can vary, but common components include:

1. Tank: The main body of the bowser that holds the water. It is typically equipped with baffles or partitions to minimize water movement during transportation.

2. Trailer or chassis: The framework or trailer bed that supports the tank and allows for easy towing. It may have wheels or be designed for attachment to a towing vehicle.

3. Pump system: Some water bowsers have built-in pumps for dispensing water. These pumps can be manually operated or powered by electricity, petrol, or diesel engines.

4. Hose and fittings: Water bowsers usually have outlets, valves, and fittings for connecting hoses or distributing water to specific locations. Some may include spray nozzles or sprinkler systems for controlled water dispersal.

5. Fill and drain points: The bowser should have convenient access points for filling the tank with water and draining it when necessary. These points may include lids, openings, or valves.

The capacity and features of a site towable water bowser can vary, so it’s important to consider your specific water storage and transportation needs when selecting one. You can contact local suppliers or equipment rental companies that specialize in construction or agricultural equipment to inquire about available options and pricing in your area.

Site Towable Water Bowser

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