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Euro Modular Building (6 Bay)

Euro Modular Building (6 Bay)


Product Specifications

External Length (m) 6.055
External Width (m) 14.61
External Height (m) 2.6
Internal Length (m) 5.86
Internal Width (m) 14.415
Internal Height (m) 2.34
Door Width (m) 0.811
Door Height (m) 1.94

Product Details

An extremely flexible modular building system, factory built in Europe and delivered to Australia in a stackable transpack module which we will normally build up in our workshops prior to delivery to site.

Included in the pack are the individual wall and door panels that can easily be fitted where required for each project. These are built with a long lasting galvanised exterior panel.

Panels containing additional windows or doors can also be added and these can be easily moved at anytime.


  • flexible door and window positions
  • usually available from stock on short lead times
  • fast build times

Product Options

  • choice of exterior colours
  • interior can be configured to suit project
  • can include toilets and showers
  • internal or external staircases
  • almost any specification you need (including air conditioning)

Typical Uses

  • project and sales offices
  • canteen and welfare facilities
  • toilet and shower blocks
  • classrooms, pre-schools and training centres
  • storage facilities

The price quoted is for a 6-bay open plan 20ft x 48ft Euro modular building and includes supply and delivery of the building. Final on-site installation and cranage into position is not included. Larger sizes, customisation and options available at additional cost.

Euro Modular Building

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