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32ft Eco link Room Cabin for Sale

32ft Eco link Room Cabin for Sale


Product Specifications

External Length (m) 9.76
External Width (m) 3
External Height (m) 2.7
Internal Length (m) 9.51
Internal Width (m) 2.75
Internal Height (m) 2.3
Door Width (m) 0.8
Door Height (m) 1.99
Floor Type 18mm Particle Board
No. of Windows 4

Product Details

This high-spec Eco link meeting room cabin is available for sale.

Stack-able and likable side by side with other Eco-link offices and meeting rooms to create great project office and meeting space. The units can also be linked or stacked with Eco-link canteens , Eco-link canteen/kitchens and Eco-link drying rooms to create mixed-use accommodation blocks.

The Eco-link meeting room cabin is ideal for use on larger sites to quickly and easily create well connected project accommodation which makes communication easier. The Eco-link range is a premium product with energy saving features including PIR sensors for the lights, timers on heating systems, uPVC double glazed windows. Air source heating and cooling is also available as an optional extra.

With a flat sided exterior finish the units create a professional look and feel which is especially popular on flagship and high profile sites especially where there is close integration with the general public such as house building and large infrastructure projects.


  • Flat sided construction
  • PIR sensors
  • Timed heating with optional extra for air source heat/cool
  • uPVC double glazed windows


  • Ideal for larger project office and meeting space
  • Quick and easy to link and install
  • Cost-effective alternative to modular accommodation
  • Looks great!

32ft ECOlink Meeting Room Cabin for Sale

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