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3 Window Security Gatehouse

3 Window Security Gatehouse


Product Details

Buy an anti-vandal security gatehouse. worldwide delivery.

Product Specifications

External Length (m) 3
External Width (m) 2.44
External Height (m) 2.7
Internal Length (m) 2.8
Internal Width (m) 2.24
Internal Height (m) 2.3
Door Width (m) 0.8
Door Height (m) 1.99
Floor Type 18mm Particle Board
No. of Windows 3

3 Window Security Gatehouse for Sale

A 3-window security gatehouse typically refers to a small building or structure designed to provide security and control access to a specific area. It typically features three windows, which allow for visibility and communication with individuals outside the gatehouse. These gatehouses are commonly used in various settings, such as construction sites, industrial facilities, government installations, or gated communities.Here are some key features and considerations of a 3-window security gatehouse:

1. Size and layout: The gatehouse’s size and layout may vary depending on the specific requirements and available space. Typically, it is compact and designed to accommodate one or a few security personnel inside. The layout often includes three windows strategically placed to provide a clear view of the surrounding area.

2. Security features: The gatehouse is designed to enhance security and control access. It may have reinforced walls, a secure entrance door, and additional features such as bullet-resistant glass for the windows to protect the security personnel inside.

3. Communication and access control: The gatehouse is equipped with communication systems, such as intercoms or two-way radios, to facilitate communication between the security personnel and individuals seeking access. It may also have control systems, such as gates, barriers, or card readers, to regulate entry and exit.

4. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC): Depending on the location and climate, the gatehouse may have HVAC systems to provide heating, cooling, and ventilation, ensuring a comfortable environment for the security personnel.

5. Electrical and technology infrastructure: The gatehouse may have electrical installations to power lighting, communication systems, and other equipment. Additionally, it can be equipped with technology infrastructure, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, or alarm systems, to enhance security measures.

6. Customization options: Gatehouses can be customized to meet specific needs. This can include additional features like counters, desks, storage cabinets, or seating arrangements for security personnel. The interior layout can be designed to optimize workflow and provide necessary amenities.

When looking for a 3-window security gatehouse, it’s recommended to consult with companies specializing in security solutions or modular building providers. They can provide information on available models, customization options, and pricing based on your specific requirements and site conditions.

3 Window Security Gatehouse for Sale

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