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2+1 Sit On Waste Tank 4800 Ltr

2+1 Sit On Waste Tank 4800 Ltr


2+1 Sit On Waste Tank Features

  • Used in conjunction with 2+1 Steel Toilet
  • Steel Construction, internal framework & supports, clad with 2mm steel
  • Primed in black
  • 4,800 ltr capacity
  • 2no. 150mm Corner emptying points with covers

Product Specifications

External Length (m) 3.66
External Width (m) 2.7
External Height (m) 0.63

Product Details

A 2+1 sit-on waste tank with a capacity of 4800 liters refers to a portable tank designed to collect and store waste. The “2+1” designation typically indicates the tank’s compartment configuration, where two compartments are used for waste storage, and one compartment is designated for the operator or user to sit on during transport or operation.

Here are some key features and considerations of a 2+1 sit-on waste tank with a capacity of 4800 liters:

1. Capacity: The tank has a total capacity of 4800 liters, which is distributed among the two waste compartments. Each compartment typically has a specific capacity allocation, which may vary depending on the specific model or manufacturer.

2. Compartment configuration: The tank consists of two compartments for waste storage and one additional compartment where the operator or user can sit during transport or operation. The user compartment is usually positioned at the front or top of the tank for easy access.

3. Sit-on design: The tank is designed to accommodate the operator or user, providing a seating area for comfort and convenience during transport or operation. This allows for improved mobility and efficiency in waste management tasks.

4. Construction and materials: The tank is constructed using durable materials such as polyethylene or steel, ensuring sturdiness, resistance to corrosion, and ease of cleaning. The materials used should also comply with hygiene and safety standards.

5. Handling and transportation: The tank is designed for easy handling and transportation. It may have built-in handles or lifting points for lifting and moving the tank using appropriate equipment. Considerations may also be made for securing the tank during transportation to prevent spills or accidents.

6. Discharge and cleaning: The tank should have suitable outlets or valves for waste discharge, allowing for proper disposal or transfer of the collected waste. Additionally, the tank should be designed for easy cleaning and maintenance to ensure proper hygiene.

When looking for a 2+1 sit-on waste tank with a capacity of 4800 liters, it’s recommended to consult with suppliers or rental companies that specialize in portable sanitation equipment. They can provide information on available models, features, and pricing based on your specific requirements.

2+1 Sit On Waste Tank 4800 Ltr

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